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Discipline pays for The Ace Tip

Mon, 17 May 2010 01:01 PM

The Ace Tip from Tajodds.com showed why discipline is an important factor for successful horse racing tipping. After a tough spell at the start of the year, The Ace's win on Saturday with CrosstheStart, paying $11.80*, gave him a 28% win profit turn-around to catapult him up the leader board into fourth spot.

Some may be surprised by the impact that a single win can have on a tipster's leader board position but the answer to the Ace's form lies in his methodology for selecting winners.

Firstly he tips one horse a week and never more.

Secondly, he looks for value bets, where the horse's price is greater than its calculated chance of winning. The Ace's higher than average win price of $6.54 highlights this fact. The large move up the leader board after landing an 11/1 pop is indicative of the reward that awaits tipsters and punters who employ such an efficient methodology for their horse racing tips.

Thirdly, The Ace sticks to his method whether he is standing tall at the top of the table or going through a rough patch. While many tipsters and punters would panic and change course, The Ace maintains belief in his method and stays true to it, waiting for the inevitable pay day.

If you think standing by a tipster with the Ace's record might give you the odd heart attack and lead you to lose faith, then you will be happy to know his place and each-way profit have stayed consistently high across the 12 months we have recorded his tips. The Ace Tip leads the place leader board with an amazing 43% place profit and sits second on the each-way leader board on 29% profit. As many would normally take each-way on the Ace's tips, given their generous price, punters have had sufficient return to keep them loyal between wins.

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