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Which tipsters are making news
25 July 2014 01:43 PM

Race for Horse Racing Tipster of the Month in July

With less than a week left until the end of the month, here's a look at how the race for July's horse racing tipster of the month award is panning out. The leader board below shows how they stacked up..
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  • AUSTRALIA   Horse Racing Event   BROOME   Race 6   0 min/s
  • AUSTRALIA   Greyhound Racing Event   IPSWICH   Race 9   2 min/s
  • AUSTRALIA   Harness Racing Event   NEWCASTLE   Race 1   4 min/s
  • NEW ZEALAND   Harness Racing Event   ADDINGTON   Race 6   5 min/s
  • AUSTRALIA   Greyhound Racing Event   BENDIGO   Race 10   9 min/s
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Tipster of the Month

Tipster of the month

SKY Racing's Luke Marlow comes from country Queensland moving to Sydney after being assigned the New South Wales race calling duties for the racing broadcaster. With his dad Jeff Marlow a trainer, horse racing has been in his blood since he was a lad. He first broadcasted a race when he was 14 at Yepoon where he called his dad's horse home the winner.

One of Luke's funniest career stories was when he locked himself into the photo finish camera room at Kembla Grange as the jockeys were mounting up. He tried frantically to pry the jammed door open to get to the broadcasting box in time to call the race. As the horses made there way to the barriers he just managed to get it open and get to the broadcasting box in time. He called the race well as always leaving punters listening to the race without a clue about his ordeal.

In June Luke showed that his knowledge for horses extends beyond race calling taking the runner-up award for Horse Racing Tipster of the Month. From 15 tips he found seven winners for 131% win profit on turnover.

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