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Which tipsters are making news
16 April 2014 07:16 PM

Race for tipster of the year

We are already more than a quarter of the way through the punting year so it's time to look at each punter and media tipster's profit performance since the start of the year to find out who is w..
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08 April 2014 08:47 PM Punting freak show..
  • NEW ZEALAND   Horse Racing Event   AWAPUNI   Race 1   6 hours
  • NEW ZEALAND   Horse Racing Event   AVONDALE   Race 1   6 hours
  • NEW ZEALAND   Horse Racing Event   AWAPUNI   Race 2   6 hours
  • NEW ZEALAND   Horse Racing Event   AVONDALE   Race 2   7 hours
  • NEW ZEALAND   Horse Racing Event   AWAPUNI   Race 3   7 hours
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Wet tracks, big profits and plenty of roughies

08 April 2014 07:52 PM

Punting on the horses is not easy at the best of times. When the track is wet it makes it a lot harder. Lets take Rosehill on..

Horse racing tipster of the month - April 2014

03 April 2014 08:54 PM

We have seen some pretty special performances from punters and media tipsters alike who's tips are posted here at theGreatTip..

Rosehill heavy track doesn't cost punters much

01 April 2014 02:51 PM

Despite the Heavy track at Rosehill on Saturday for the running of the Rosehill Guineas, George Ryder Stakes and the Galaxy, ..


Tipster of the Month

Tipster of the month

ProPunter has proven that he is one of the most in form punters in Australia at present with his March profit of 161% on turnover coming a month after his runner-up effort in February where he landed 122% win profit on turnover. Punters looking for a good value punter will like following ProPunter's horse racing tips.

He has an average strike rate of around 15% with average win betting odds of $17.50. ProPunter has also be running Saturday and Sunday punters clubs. If you don't like paying for tips simply invest the amount you wish to bet. He bets and your returns are deposited back into your online wallet where you can withdraw at any time. You pay a small commission to ProPunter only if he wins.

Thursday's Tip stars

Rank Alias Src Win
1 Cameron Ha.. RSN 380%
2 vyking   123%
3 Gary Klies.. Sky 110%
4 rabbit222 GTO 100%
5 MJA91 GTO 87%


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