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03 July 2015 12:31 PM

Ryan and Penza looking for a Double at Goulburn today

Goulburn racing is on a Soft 6 today with the rail in the true position. Gerald Ryan and Jeff Penza are combining with two runners who both look to have great chances. In race five we see Irela..
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02 July 2015 05:30 PM Punting freak show in June..
  • FRANCE   Horse Racing Event   DEAUVILLE   Race 2   0 min/s
  • SINGAPORE   Horse Racing Event   SINGAPORE   Race 5   0 min/s
  • AUSTRALIA   Greyhound Racing Event   BULLI   Race 10   5 min/s
  • AUSTRALIA   Harness Racing Event   GLOUCESTER..   Race 7   7 min/s
  • AUSTRALIA   Greyhound Racing Event   BENDIGO   Race 11   12 min/s
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Winter Cup 2015 race review

26 June 2015 10:31 PM

A Heavy (8) was the condition of the track at Rosehill when it was tested at 9.18 a.m Friday morning. No rain in sight but do..

Friday Racing Trial Specials

26 June 2015 10:32 AM

Kempsey Race 1 No Concerns is to be ridden by Robert Thompson and is trained by Allan Denham. Trialled brilliantly against th..

Huge Odds Big Winners

25 June 2015 08:44 PM

It's one thing to find a winner at big odds, but it's down right freakish when the odds are massive, it happens often, and th..


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