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22 August 2014 11:50 AM

Betting superstitions - Australian punters reveal

With a recent poll showing that over 40 percent of people are superstitious, its surprising that such notions play significant roles in a punter's mind on race day. The survey has revealed that ..
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  • UNITED STATES   Harness Racing Event   YONKERS   Race 9   2 min/s
  • NEW ZEALAND   Greyhound Racing Event   ADDINGTON   Race 8   7 min/s
  •   Horse Racing Event   PHAR LAP R..   Race 4   15 min/s
  • NEW ZEALAND   Greyhound Racing Event   ADDINGTON   Race 9   24 min/s
  • UNITED STATES   Harness Racing Event   YONKERS   Race 10   26 min/s
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Warwick Stakes Day - Class returns to racing

19 August 2014 05:09 PM

This Saturday marks three weeks since Group races returned to Saturday race programs and already the number and quality of ta..

Race Day Big Bets, Best Odds and Smart Punters

16 August 2014 08:28 AM

Some great racing ahead today with the Group races running at Caulfield including the PB Lawrence Group II weight-for-age ..

Tipping winners at big odds for profit

15 August 2014 05:56 PM

Here's the round-up for punters looking for tipsters with genuine form tipping long shots. Checking every tip posted so far i..


Tipster of the Month

Tipster of the month

July's Tipster of the Month, LongShots, is a 29 year old bloke from Melbourne Victoria. LongShots scored one of the highest win profit on turnover percentages within a month in the history of theGreatTipOff.com with his tipping effort in July. A self confessed value punter LongShots looks for specific indicators of value in a race that he has built over time rather than running a mathematical ratings formula across all races on a day. LongShots admits there is a lot of time put into his craft which involves watching allot of races and trials.

Longshots' key advice for punters is never worry about missing a bet and never chase a price in because there's always better value somewhere else in the race.

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