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Strike Rate important to punters

Thu, 11 February 2010 04:11 PM

We thought we better revisit the topic of tipster performance and how best to measure it given the emails and comments we continue to receive about this matter. Several months ago when we asked you for your opinion you told us that a tipster's performance should be judged on the money they put in the punter's pocket. The varying views we have received since this time stem from how one determines the profit.

The voting poll we ran several months ago indicated that Win Profit was the most appropriate meausure to determine a tipster's performance. Each way profit ran a close second. What you have told us since this time is that strike rate is also an important factor. Tipsters with a high strike rate may be even more valuable than a tipster with a high win profit percentage and lower strike rate as the punter may chose a different staking plan that achieves a greater return than a unit the win or each-way. As an example, one of our readers outlined their staking plan to be trippling bets where the runners are under each-way odds. Applying this sort of staking plan to our pro tipsters would favour tipster's like Ernie Manning who has a win strike rate of 57% and an average win price of $2.18. But not so much for Shane Anderson who has a strike rate of 29% and an average win price of $4.51.

We re-ordered the leader board by win strike rate and included the important average win price and the tipster's position on the Win Profit leader board to understand the impact strike rate performance has on the Top 20.

Several inclusions in the Top 20 that are further down the list on the win profit leader board include:

  •  #4 Jay Rooney - 24th on leader board at -8%
  • #9 Terry McAuliffe - 36th on the leader board at -15%
  • #11 Deane Lester - 34th on the leader board at -14%
  • #17 Nick Quinn - 40th on the leader board at -17%

Another interesting observation is that seven of the Top 10 above have average win priced winners under $3.00.

The message we took from this analysis is that we need more information from the tipster. In conjunction with their tips the punter needs to understand the tipster's staking plan. That way there is no guessing how the punter is expected to use the tips.

In regonition of this opportunity theGreatTipOff.com will introduce staking with its next release so the tipster can record their own staking plan with their tips. TheGreatTipOff.com will use the tipster's stake in conjunction with their tips to rank the tipster.

Stay tuned for this enhancement along with other major enhancements at theGreatTipOff.com that promise to give tipsters the most unique and powerful promotion platform and tipster market service on the internet.

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