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  • 07:48:39 AEST
  • Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Betting Tips Summary

Title Rate the run
Alias Not Disclosed
Race Type Preference Races
Information Source I have tried them all. Currently using the Sportsman.
Approach Summary Rate every run using a standard baseline. For each race previous ratings are establish comparative ratings.

Betting Tips Detail

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Betting is like playing a horse racing game. Like any game you have to have a winning strategy. Here is mine. There are two parts to my system:

    1. I rate each horse's run (a lot of homework) and
    2. I use the ratings to assess each horse's chance in its races using its previous run ratings.

A horse's run rating considers where the horse was placed and the quality of the field.

The rating is relative e.g. a mid-week class 6 winner is likely to get a lower rating than a horse finishing mid-field in a Group 1 race.

Field quality considers each horse's historical record, its current campaign performance and where it is in its campaign (i.e. improve, decline, or holding).

When assessing each race I take each runners rating from its last 3 runs and only take those horses where there are rating standouts (i.e. at least a 20% gap between the top rated horse and the rest of the field). For these standouts I then check for any conditions that the horse may not like e.g. wet going for a dry tracker.

I leave races where the majority of the field has not had at least 2 runs in this campaign.

Hope it helps!!

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