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  • Sunday, 25 February 2018

* T's and C's apply to all offers.

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About Formulator





** Awarded - "Best Punter in 2016 (Tipster Of The Year) - Profit On Turnover" **

** Awarded - "Tipster Of The Year (2015 Cash Profit)" in the 2016 Awards **

** Awarded - "Tipster Of The Month" in many Awards during 2015 & 2016 **



  •  A Leading Pioneer Of Racing Systems .... Thoroughbred & Greyhound Racing


  •  40Years Experience In Form Analysing  .... Australia & United Kingdom 


  •  Creator Of A Successful Exotic Betting System, Suitable For Thoroughbred, Harness & Greyhound Racing


  •  Win / Place Betting Specialist





  • Along with my extensive research, i strive to obtain value with my selections ... not just for myself but with my Subscribers firmly in mind too. And so from time to time i may also offer up Blackbookers and value Exotic bets in addition.
  • There will often be occasions where i favour more than one horse in a particular race or perhaps horses worthy of consideration in other races/meetings, and so Packages now come with extra tips and comments (where applicable) for added value!.
  • In many cases the market prices of my Selections tend to get crunched in from their opening quote, and so it's advisable to consider getting in early and grabbing the early fixed prices available... both Win and Place. And with the Price Boost offer available with some corporate Bookies on Win betting, this can add extra value to your wagering.
  • There however will be times where to ensure value and a greater degree of confidence in selections, i may delay tipping till closer to race start .
  • It should also be noted to that there'll be ocassions where i may delete Tips (where possible) from my Tips Package due to change of circumstances or whether i consider a Selection no longer offers acceptable value to Subscribers ... Thanks for your understanding!



  • It needs to be emphasised that there are more facets to profiteering  on the races than merely picking winners for Win betting.. namely Place, Exotic and Lay options for example... In my particular case, and apart from Win betting, my tips perform well with good results and profits on Place betting as can be seen from the performance statistics.
  • When it comes to tipping, what's most important is a Tipster's performance and hence - PROFITS over the LONG TERM, preferably covering thousands of Tips over an extended period of time (years). The success of my own tipping performance can be clearly seen and guaged in my statistics, as well as the GreatTipOff write-ups concerning the many Awards i have achieved and received over the years since my commencement. 
  • CAUTION should be applied with Tipsters who offer no descriptions about themselves or what they have to offer in their profiles. Some of these no doubt would be dodgy operators mainly interested in chancing their arm in an attempt to obtain other punters subscription monies. Apart from the "dart throwers", you need to ponder whether these so called "Tipsters" are actually doing the form for themselves and so coming up with Tips through their own efforts or perhaps dubiously (and lazily) obtaining Tips by other means ... perhaps through subscriptions to Tips or Racing System selections from other Racing sites and on-selling them as their very own ?.
  • Ignore so called "experts" who say you can't win over the long term using level stakes, and suggest using a questionable staking plan of some description. My results prove otherwise by defying their "logic", and i recommend using the same stake whether the selection is paying $5 or $50  for instance. However, it may prove safer to use a Proportional staking method if betting in larger amounts. I usually include staking suggestions of "High, Moderate or Small" in my Tip packages as a guide. This reflects both the strength of the Tip and the Price (at the time of posting).     Another idea to maybe consider is raising the stakes as the kitty improves by betting 2 or 3% of your Bank (WIN bets) and readjusting the stakes on a daily basis if you're comfortable with this idea. I would also recommend (more so in my case) a similar approach taken to my specialty of PLACE betting as well by possibly staking 5 or 6% of your Bank, and again readjusting the stakes depending upon its progression ... Whichever way suits you best and is within your comfort zone.
  • It should be noted that as I'm predominately a Tipper of longer priced runners, there are times where a run of outs can be experienced... that's racing. If regular and consistent winners (albeit short prices) are expected and subscribers are not willing to stick with the long term plan, then my Tips are not for you. Having said that, I am unaware of any other Tipsters available who show long term profits by sticking with the 'shorties' as value is difficult to be found with these. In any case, for those who are prepared to stick with me, over the longer term I am confident of showing a profit for the Win and/or Place, as the criteria and technique I adopt in my form study are sound, and that's what really matters when it comes to profiteering on the races!




*  Check out the  "News and Information" articles for write-ups into my performances


*  For a greater insight into my Racing experience, click 'Profile' for my Personal Racing Biography .... Thanks for your interest!


 *  Follow me on Twitter@Formulator_



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$ 25,460 from 6,473 $100 Win Bets
over All Time at All tracks


Awards received:
  • Tipster of the Year TOP 10 2015
  • Tipster of the Year TOP 25 2015
  • Tipster of the Year 2015


Winner's Odds:
  • $3 or Less 19%
  • $3 to $7 40%
  • $7 to $12 21%
  • $12 or more 20%


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