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  • Monday, 19 November 2018

News articles tagged "Best Bets"

Horse racing game

Punters make a motza

07/11/2018 Horse Racing Tipsters of the week

Another quality week of racing done and dusted and it's time to see who kicked November off with a bang.  The punters dominated yet again this week with 7 of the Top 10 profit makers all punters. Shepparton native LeoBar delivered his followers a huge profit over the seven day period. A picturesque city in Northern Victoria, Shepparton is also a proud sporting town, having produced a number of star Australian sportsmen and women over the years. But racing sits as one of the towns favourite sports which is reason why.....

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Top Stories

Horse racing game

23/10/18 Horse Racing Tipster of the week

This was a big week of profits from punters and media experts alike, in what is the busiest time of year on the punt. Bu.....

Oct 23, 2018 11:17AM
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Horse racing game

2/10/18 Horse Racing Tipsters of the week

The past seven days saw a large group of punters and form analysts from Australia's racing media make serious profit.....

Oct 02, 2018 06:19PM
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Nick Quinn
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Greg Polson
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Nick Quinn 115% POT
Linda Willin.. 49% POT
Greg Polson 43% POT
Mitchell Man.. 20% POT
Terry Bailey - 4% POT

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Latest News

Horse racing game

Best horse racing tipsters of the week 18 September 2018

Absolutely dominating the weekly leaderboard for most cash profit over the past seven days was popular value punter Luck.....

Sep 18, 2018 05:41PM
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Horse racing game

Horse Racing Tipsters of the week 28 August 2018

After an exceptional performance two weeks ago where he almost tipped the card at Moruya, Super Racing and The Sportsman.....

Aug 28, 2018 07:14PM
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Horse racing game

Horse Racing Tipsters of the Week 21 August 2018

In a week where both punters and the racing media excelled, it was a journalist from Adelaide who was the absolute stand.....

Aug 21, 2018 06:36PM
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Horse racing game

7/8/2018 Horse Racing Tipsters of the week

One of the more unique meets on the racing calendar is the two-day Darwin Carnival held at Fannie Bay Racecourse. I.....

Aug 07, 2018 05:45PM
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Chris Nelson 620x410

Horse racing pro turns hard grind into profits

Most of us feel the need to spruik a winning day on the punt because they're that tough to come by. Lo and behold if.....

Jul 12, 2018 03:09PM
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Horse racing game

Horse Racing Tipster of the Week 10/7/18

After a fortnight of media domination, the punters got back on top on the weekly leaderboard for highest profit.  .....

Jul 10, 2018 06:16PM
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More Racing News

Racing cash f

16/6/2018 Horse Racing Tips from winning punters & tipping sites

If you're looking to bet this weekend but haven't found the time to do the racing form then read on. We preview .....

Jun 15, 2018 06:52PM
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Horse racing game

12/6/2018 Horse Racing Tipsters of the week

Once again it was a punter that was at the head of the pack for total profit over the past 7 days. The key to Cappo.....

Jun 12, 2018 06:26PM
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Beshorse racing tipster May 2018 cash2

Best horse racing tipsters in May 2018

The Winter Carnival featured during the punting month of May with the big race meetings rolling out in Brisbane, on the .....

Jun 07, 2018 08:01PM
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