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Alias: DavidGately

Name: David Gately

Country Origin: AUSTRALIA



Started Tipping Career:


Gately’s interest in analysing form and rating horses began at the age of seventeen when he started developing betting systems and assessing races as a hobby.

Gator decided to dedicate himself to his hobby and turn it into a career by tipping and commentating online.

This enterprising approach paid off as more and more punters noticed Gately's talent. Very soon demand for Gator's opinion grew to such heights that he quickly became a household name amongst Australian racing punters.

Gately's career continued to rise after landing key roles on TVN, and more recently on the Racing.com program, GET ON.

As one of the most respected names amongst Australia’s professional racing experts and social punters alike, David now provides his exclusive race day package weekly for Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan meetings.