5/9/20 David Gately Moonee Valley & Randwick Racing Review & Forgive Files

Saturday Racing Review


Run of the Day

Thanks to all who voted, nearly 2,000 votes tallied and GYTRASH received 44% of the vote over comeback king HUMIDOR (34%) and SHOWMANSHIP (16%)


Moonee Valley Racing Review

Racing was at MOONEE VALLEY on Saturday on a GOOD-4 track with an upgrade to a GOOD-3 coming just before Race 3.

The track played quite well given the extreme conditions we saw here last meeting (August 22 - abandoned after five races). I did think there were a few mini-patterns though. It seemed coming wider than say 5m, made it hard work for most. I also felt hard on the inside rail was not the A-ground, especially early, and a few riders certainly backed this theory up post-race(s). It may have levelled-up later in the day?

The G2 Feehan Stakes was the highlight race at Moonee Valley and HUMIDOR had the last look at them. He had the perfect 'last look' ride and then produced the race-fastest 11.60 last 200m to seal the deal.

He was big odds but in fairness, he had never won 1st-up (although he had run some cracking races fresh) and is not getting any younger.

The leaders did make it easy for the swoopers here with -4.9L 1st-600m versus G2 class average despite reports a few were going to be 'let roll'.

SIRCCONI led STREETS OF AVALON with HARBOUR VIEWS taking rails trail. The leader left the rail turning and Harbour Views was forced to stay hard on that inside rail which may well have been costly?

SURPRISE BABY settled a bit closer than he did fresh in this race last year (however last year, they were -1L early speed). He was flushed out 4-wide 700m from home so was asked to sustain a decent gallop whilst Humidor sat back giggling and saving his carrots. Surprise Baby kept coming (home 34.76/ 11.76) but just couldn't hold off the winner.

So, did Surprise Baby 'go better' this year than last?  Has he 'come back better' as was being reported pre-race. Well, yes, if you are a believer in raw data, he ran a near identical 1st-600m on Saturday as he did in 2019 yet ran home .5L faster and ran >5L faster overall. There was .7L over these first five here. Time: 1-36.18 was some 2.3L below class average this year. 

The Atlantic Jewel was Race 7 and the leaders in this race were not waiting for anyone early.

CLEAN MACHINE led DIRTY THOUGHTS in 34.53 1st-600m. This split was not only +6.8L versus the class average, it was also 2.18 seconds faster than Felicia (who led the Showmanship race) so, these girls would have been some 13 odd lengths in front of Felicia with 600m to run had the races been run together.

They ran only .06 faster overall time, the 1-10.47 was +3L versus class average but yeah, set-up by that fast speed.

Winner NIGHT RAID had the sweet run just off that speed and gaps came at the right time for her. She did surge late and seems to have a nice will to win to go with her a touch of class. Similar to the Feehan though, swap the runs and you swap the result here for mine as runner-up.

AIDENSFIELD has gone enormous, covering a stack more ground than the winner and was asked to sustain her run for much longer . She came wide with no trail then was wider again turning (doubt best ground) yet just missed. Despite the run she still managed the race-fastest 11.92 home, her final 3 x 200m splits ranked (3 - 3 - 1) for the race. The winners ran (5 - 4 - 2).

AGREEABLE (who was run off her feet touch early in fast 1200m) ran (7 - 1 - 2) home, in fact, her 12-flat last 200m was identical to that of the winner Night Raid.

The match-fit DIRTY THOUGHTS was a brave third up riding that strong speed.

These four had 3.5L to spare on the next filly ODEUM (who made the forgive file). 

As referenced, FELICIA led in 36.71 in Race 5.  She shook off CHICAGO CUB and did stay on that inside rail (costly?) but had no answer for this smarty SHOWMANSHIP who, despite that modest tempo, reeled her in, running a sizzling 10.98 last 200m.

It is the second time in two Victorian starts he has recorded the day’s fastest last 200m sectional.  He was the only horse to break 11-secs home. Of course, when leaders go -12.6L versus the class average early you are entitled to sprint home but this is a good horse no worries.

AGE OF CHIVALRY was not ideally suited taking the sit in a slowly run 1200m race and peeled 3-wide a long way out.  He responded to riding to be the second-fastest home but SHOWMANSHIP sailed by. Age Of Chivalry is looking for 1400m now and is more effective when more petrol is used early but he is getting dangerously close to being in the ‘needs another win'’ category.

GOLD FIELDS was 3rd-fastest home, running 11.36 and given the tempo, the run was better than it looked to the eye. Time: 1-10.53 was courtesy off a slick 33.82 last 600m (+8.8L) but they had no hope of smashing the clock on overall times here. 

The McEwan Stakes was Race 6 and BELLA VELLA took the sit early on a pretty modest tempo for this class (-6.7L too be precise - there was some action mid race with WITHERSPOON taking off). She was close-up turning and looked to be bolting but ASHLOR refused to give in without a fight.

Love the winner’s will to win though and she has run home 33.84/ 11.56 to get the job done. Her overall time 58.02 was some 4L below class average.

BROOKLYN HUSTLE had a good run and was on the Winner’s back to the turn but didn't quicken 2nd-up staying at 1000m. She surged late (11.60 - ranked 4th in race) to get within 0.8L.

HANSEATIC made a top return coming from back and making a move wide a way out with no cart in. He kept coming. In fact his 11.32 home was race-fastest.

FINE DANE was close-up in 5th but is just a level below these sprinters. 

JUNIPAL was too good for mostly resuming horses in Race 4, and well ridden. He took a gun trail off -1L early tempo and took over turning for home, running 1-36-flat. This time was +0.8L and he was only 2nd-up.

ODEON held on well for second and they beat BARRY THE BAPTIST (fresh/ solid/ fitter) clearly into 3rd. 


Moonee Valley Forgive File

  • PARMIE (wide/ best ground but good),
  • BONS ABROAD (off heels turn/ charged late in 11.06/ 2nd-fastest of day),
  • CORDILLA (no luck key stage/ had bit to give too!!),
  • LA TIGERESA (not much room key stage),
  • SURREAL IMAGE (way too keen),
  • I COULD DO BETTER (back/wide/ own worst enemy),
  • GRAND PROMENADE (went to inside rail/ flew home/ great return),
  • CELESTIAL SOL (back/ wide turn/ MV? flew home),
  • FLINDERS RIVER (covered ground),
  • CUMBERBATCH (lost spot turn/ ran on/ hmmm),
  • WERTHEIMER (limited room straight),
  • DIVINE DIOSA (worked early),
  • GALACTIC FURY (too wide),
  • SUROOJ (too wide),
  • BEST EVER (lame),
  • SHOT OF IRISH (reared start/ took no part),
  • RULERSHIP (railed/ worst ground),
  • BONS AWAY (bled),
  • RIVER NIGHT (wide),
  • ODEUM (k.o’d),
  • ARYAAF (amiss?),
  • HARBOUR VIEWS (railed/ not A-ground),
  • MAHAMEDEIS (given little hope),
  • DABIYR (ran wide turn/ costly),
  • SOUND (railed from tail),
  • NAIVASHA (blew start).



Randwick Racing Review

In Sydney it was RANDWICK and the track was a SOFT-5 early then upgraded to a GOOD-4 just before the Concorde Stakes. The Rail was out 6m.

It was better to be nearer the speed and nearer to the inside lanes on the day. Not many came wide and swooped all day! 

GYTRASH was not only your ‘Run Of The Day’, he also smashed the clock running 55.81 on a (just recently) upgraded track. This time was 0.08 off the course record and he sailed by NATURE STRIP who yet again has shown himself vulnerable fresh. The winner ran 32.64 over the last 600m then 11.44 home. Great splits off a fast speed.

The early tempo was +1.7L versus the class average and they went over 4L faster early than the 2019 version of this race and 2.5L faster than the 2018 version.

Nature Strip shared that speed with BALL OF MUSCLE who fought for a while before fading late.  The winner had 1.5L on the runner-up on the line with the rider kind late on winner.

DIRTY WORK carried 3kg less than the winner and measured up very well cutting back to the inside.  He recorded 32.68/ 11.64 home and looks a coming winner back a notch in class. 

The Furious Stakes was Race 6 for the fillies saw the well-backed DAME GISELLE too strong despite sitting 3-wide with no cover the trip before producing a strong last 600m (33.44 - over +1.5L versus G2 average).  Despite the relatively strong speed (35.00 1st-600m - +.02L versus class, +2.3L versus all averages) and ran a fast overall time (1-8.83 - +1.7L versus class).

Runner-up HUNGRY HEART had a softer run than the winner but couldn't quicken between the 600m-to-400m like the winner did. This was supported by their respective race-ranking for that split (winner Dame Giselle ranked 1st / Hungry Heart ranked 7th fastest for that section of the race).  They both then ran an identical 400m-to-200m split.

Hungry Heart closed race-best 11.40 last 200m Vs winner’s 11.52. They got away from third FORBIDDEN LOVE (had sat 2nd) and leader VANGELIC. As was theme off the day, it was tough to swoop so THERMOSPHERE (forgive file) running 2nd-fastest last 200m, 11.44, was noteworthy?

The Chelmsford Stakes was Race 7 and despite the strong speed, it was another race of little change.

Six of the first seven home settled first six (AVILIUS the exception). The 1st-600m was +2.5L versus G2 average, 1st-1000m was 58.92 off standing start and winner MISTER SEA WOLF tracked that speed/ leader WU GOK and cruised to the lead before holding off YULONG PRINCE (sat 4th) and FINCHE (sat clear third).

The winner only needed the 14-fastest last 200m to win the race, wow!

AVILIUS was excellent here fresh.  He simply defied the race day pattern, storming home 33.36/ 11.44. 5th.

ANGEL OF TRUTH was solid (sat 6th) then came WU GOK (leader) and CARIF (tracked runner-up/ sound also).

SHARED AMBITION had no hope from back/wide yet still ran 11.56 home. A split bettered only by Avilius.

ZEBROWSKI (4th-fastest home) and MORTON’S FORK (3rd-fastest) were better than they looked. The race time was 1-34.32, -3.3L versus the G2 average. 

DREAMFORCE won the G2 Tramway Hcp for the second year running.  He went forward up outside GREYSFUL GLAMOUR then took a clear lead 700m out.  They looked to be going quickly (47.01 1st-800m is certainly not loafing!) but that 1st-600m was a tick over 2L under G2 average.

DREAMFORCE kicked and then held off a late surge from KOLDING who was given every chance this time and was back to his best.  The winner was simply a shade too strong.

RELOADED came from off midfield then followed KOLDING some 3L off him straightening before running 0.3L behind him and 0.6L off the winner. His 11.64 home was the 4th-fastest of the race.

ROCK made good ground inside (11.52 - 3rd-fastest) but over the line he had had enough. Fitter!

GLENALL ran home race-fastest 11.37 but he is at most still a good risk in this class.

VANNA GIRL was way back and didn't quicken at all before producing a very nice last 200m (11.44) and a very, very nice last 100m. The race time was 1-21.84 which is way above overall averages but some 5L under G2 average.


Race 5 was worth noting also with JUST THINKIN’ tracking leader FUN FACT to have a 2-horse war despite the strong mid race tempo.

THINK IT OVER came from off pace and closed on them late to just miss.  His 11.36 home was bettered only by CINQUEDEA who has rushed home 11.16 (4th-fastest all day) and given the even race shape (yep, another one), he has run super. He ran 33.04 last 600m. I noted also this split was the fastest all day bar for a couple in that super-fast 1000m Concorde Stakes.

KINANE went much, much better than 10th in your form guide, don’t sack him yet!

The race time was 1-28.83 which is -3L versus the class average. 


Randwick Forgive File

  • MUSICAL GENIUS (wide/ good),
  • HARTO (blew start badly/ 11.10 home 3rd-fastest all day),
  • ATHIRI (no luck key stage),
  • TOWER ROAD (wide),
  • FEEL THE KNIGHT (too far back),
  • TEMOIN CHAUD (back/ wide/ was backed),
  • ZELAGO (never on track),
  • AIR TO AIR (ran out, costly!),
  • PETRONIUS (keen/ no luck key stage),
  • ARCHANNA (pattern against/ in traffic key stage too),
  • RAISON D’ETRE (slow recovery),
  • KINANE (back/ wide versus pattern - home 33.18 last 600m),
  • PANCHO (too far back),
  • CUTADEEL (slow out/ mile back and pulling/ no guide),
  • THERMOSPHERE (wrong day to swoop),
  • AVILIUS (huge versus pattern),
  • BRIMHAM ROCKS (off midfield and wide/ kept coming! Good),
  • SHARED AMBITION (ran on well versus pattern),
  • NETTOYER (no hope back there)
  • MORTON’S FORK (ditto),
  • LOOKS LIKE ELVIS (wide too soon),
  • DRAON LEAP (covered ground),
  • VANNA GIRL (no hope there/ nice late!),
  • ICEBATH (no swoopers track/ ran well).

- Gator