22/8/20 David Gately Moonee Valley & Randwick Forgive Files

Moonee Valley Racing Summary

I am unsure what that was, at MOONEE VALLEY, but it was not horse racing. Never seen anything like it in the 30 years I have been following racing…  Wow !

I cannot trust anything that happened at that meeting from a future’s perspective, except we learnt a few horses can handle bottomless tracks I guess. 


Randwick Racing Summary

In Sydney racing was at RANDWICK and G1 racing returned. The track started out SOFT-7 and was upgraded to SOFT-6 by race 4.

There was no mad pattern/ bias. I would say hard on that inside rail was not the best place to be.


Run of the Day

A clear margin to VERRY ELLEGANT from voting, securing a whopping 59% from TAILLEUR who nearly lapped them on that MV track (25%) with PROBABEEL (14%) back in third. 


Randwick Forgive File

  • DESERT PATH (chopped out key stage!),
  • TOTO (ran off track/ maybe there is no place like home? Oh, was lame also),
  • SKARA BRAE (blew start 15L),
  • NEW KING (bad start/ race over),
  • ROTHENBURG (covered ground),
  • SEPTEMBER RUN (too close? slow recovery),
  • HYBRID THEORY (blew start/ too keen),
  • WILD PLANET (no luck/ guide),
  • LOOKS LIKE ELVIS (ran out of luck/ untested),
  • SEASONS (should have won),
  • INVICTUS SALUTE (kicked-up/ no peace),
  • ADELONG (worked up outside lead/ given no hope),
  • IN GOOD TIME (wide),
  • IMAGING (on heels 500m/ baulked straightening/ flew home!),
  • MELODY BELLE (not much luck),
  • MASTER OF WINE (wide/ swoopers race),
  • KOLDING (too wide),
  • DREAMFORCE (worked hard/ swoopers race),
  • WOLFE (everything against),
  • MINTED (poor recovery),
  • RADIPOLE (wide),
  • BEST STONE (led/ railed/ worst ground now),
  • JAY JAY D’AR (wide).