18/7/20 David Gately Flemington & Kensington Forgive Files

Saturday Racing Summary 18 July 2020

Flemington Racing

Racing was at FLEMINGTON last week on a SOFT-5 track with the rail out 4m.

For straight races you had to be well off inside rail. In circle races the wind may have had an impact on some without cover, however doubt there was any mad pattern/ bias. Maybe hard on the inside rail very late was slightly inferior.

Flemington Forgive File

  • ZABELARINA (wide no cover),
  • RAPID ROMANCE (wide),
  • SIRCCONI (wide with 62kg!),
  • SMOKIN’ PIERRO (lame),
  • SEAS NO LIMIT (back and wide),
  • BARTHOLOMEU DIAS (blood one nostril),
  • OUR WIND SPIRIT (drew bad/ late),
  • MINYINGA (poor recovery).


Kensington Racing

In Sydney they raced on the KENSINGTON track on HEAVY-8 ground with rail back to True. There was protected ground inside and this was clearly the place to be, with a savage bias to those on-pace/ inside. 

Kensington Forgive File

  • MONTEFILIA (tail/ widest versus bias / excellent),
  • TAILORING (wide),
  • BLUE MISSILE (good versus pattern),
  • NO WHAT TO KEEP (wide),
  • SKARA BRAE (bias),
  • FOXIE LA BELLE (bias),
  • LEO (back/ wide/ pulling/ bias),
  • EMERALDS (1100m too sharp but nice late versus bias),
  • ITZ LILY (wide no cover),
  • SAVIGNE (bias),
  • SECRETLY (rider blamed track),
  • FRANKLEY AWESOME (post race issues),
  • HANDSPUN (bias),
  • DIO D’ORO (slow out/ wide),
  • ONSLAUGHT (too wet),
  • BLACK MAGNUM (most unlucky !),
  • ONDO PASA (too far back),
  • HIGH LOW BET (ditto),
  • PRESSURE (way back/ checked/ forget),
  • ALMERHERI (wide no cover),
  • STRAWB (didn't handle track/ poor recovery),
  • ROMAN SON (track).