11/7/20 David Gately Caulfield & Rosehill Forgive Files

Caulfield Racing

Racing was at CAULFIELD last week with the rail TRUE. The track started out a SOFT-6 and then was downgraded twice to HEAVY-8 by race 7. The inside lanes were ‘’off’’ from very early on. You could lead and win (if you avoided the inside lanes) and you could certainly swoop out wider if good enough. 

Run of the Day

No shock to see the punters favourite JUNGLE EDGE win the popular vote with 36% from impressive MYSTERY SHOT (30%) and potential star NORTH PACIFIC (23%).

Caulfield Forgive File

  • THE FELON (3-wide no cover),
  • GDANSK (back/ over raced and lays-in badly),
  • PROPELLE (should have finished closer),
  • CAUSEWAY GIRL (amiss?),
  • KAPLUMPICH (wide/ so genuine),
  • SONAREE (wide/ on-speed),
  • FALLS (injured),
  • BATTLE TORQUE (wide/ good),
  • MISTER YEOH (stayed inside/ worst ground),
  • TERRACE HOUSE (wide/ pulling),
  • LEALE (worst going),
  • GRAND DE FLORA (too wet/ worst ground/ poor recovery),
  • GREY SHADOW (not A-ground),
  • FINESSE TESS (not wide enough/ good),
  • LITTLE STEVIE (in worst going),
  • FLOSTAR (wide on-pace/ run-ons race/ too wet),
  • SIZZLEFLY (never went a yard! Didn't handle heavy?),
  • SURREAL IMAGE (cut-up in lead),
  • FRANCE’S BOY (ditto),
  • DECLARES WAR (never best ground). 

Rosehill Racing

In Sydney it was ROSEHILL and the track was a HEAVY-8 with the Rail out 5m. Riders (most) avoided the inside lanes immediately! 

Rosehill Forgive File

  • TIGHT ROPES (led versus pattern),
  • ABLE HILL (stayed in/ worst ground),
  • LADY BANFF (upside/ down),
  • MISS CANADA (struggled heavy-8),
  • THUDSON (poor recovery),
  • MY SWASHBUCKLER (touch unlucky),
  • FULMINA (ridden too warm?),
  • RONANS ROCK (too wide),
  • MAGIC CHARLEE (luckless),
  • MYSTIC SPLENDOR (worst ground),
  • ZANIAH (wide/ better ridden forward),
  • WORD FOR WORD (not wide enough!),
  • BANDERSNATCH (worked hard again/ pulled),
  • BYE SEE (bad check mid race),
  • ORDER AGAIN (held-up/ tight/ may well have won?),
  • SIKANDARABAD (wide on-pace),
  • SAMBRO (check mid race),
  • ALBUMIN (wide/ wider/ ran well),
  • STELLA SEA SUN (forced inside rail/ wrong spot!),
  • HE’S A HOTSPOT (too wet !).