1/8/20 David Gately Moonee Valley & Randwick Forgive Files

Saturday Racing Review

Racing was at MOONEE VALLEY last week on a SOFT-5 track with the Rail back to the TRUE position.

There was protected ground inside given the previous two meetings had 6m and 4m rail positions and whilst there was nothing savage, I did feel those who raced on those inside lanes had a slight advantage. Not many (some) swooped out wider. 


Run of the Day

No shock here with smart filly BROOKLYN HUSTLE securing a massive 77% of your vote with only MAHAMEDEIS (14%) in double-figures against her. 

Moonee Valley Forgive File

  • VICTORIA STAR (upside/ down),
  • VASSILATOR (upside/ down),
  • JABALI RIDGE (too wide),
  • MISS BOSETTI (3-wide run costly/ good!),
  • CLEAN MACHINE (tardy/ held-up touch),
  • SEERESS (in traffic key stage),
  • PEGGY SELENE (slow recovery),
  • ESTA LA ROCA (no luck),
  • GEIST (back/ came wide),
  • A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT (covered ground/ pulled-up coughing),
  • THE MAYOR (3-wide),
  • BRIMM (lame),
  • SANTA CATARINA (took off mid race),
  • WILMOT PASS (desperately unlucky),
  • SIR KALAHAD (lame),
  • ROLLING MOSS (wide on-speed),
  • DO YOU RECKON (wide too soon),
  • TATUNKA (ditto),
  • FALLS (covered ground),
  • BATTLE TORQUE (lame),
  • MONTENEGRO MAN (wide/ good!),
  • GENNADY (raced tight key stage),
  • ROSSMAN (limited room),
  • SEBRAKATE (held-up/ keen/ no guide),
  • EAGLE SPIRIT (pressured),
  • HYPERSONIC (worked way too hard),
  • OBERLAND (no room),
  • SAORSA (no luck).

In Sydney it was RANDWICK and the track was a HEAVY-9 despite no rain falling for days! Tough track. On-pace runners off the inside rail had a decided advantage. 


Randwick Forgive File

  • SYNCLINE (slow recovery),
  • COMPATRIOT (too wet/ slow recovery),
  • FLING (heavy-9),
  • BEACON (wide),
  • GOLDEN AVENGER (heavy-9),
  • NOBLE BOY (too far back),
  • CINQUEDEA (too far back),
  • SWEEPING STATEMENT (went outside rail!),
  • EMANATE (heavy-9/ slow recovery),
  • MR POLAR (wide),
  • CHALMERS (bias),
  • DECROUX (too wet),
  • SANGRIA (heavy-9),
  • TONSOR (wide),
  • ETHERIDGE (too far back),
  • MONEGAL (same/ bias),
  • PEACE OF MIND (yep, too far back),
  • STEEL DIAMOND (yep, too far back),
  • KAAPFEVER (slow out/ race over),
  • STELLA SEA SUN (lame).