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Dutching Calculator - what is it?

Dutch betting on several horses in one race is a technique adopted by professional punters all over the world. The Same Race Staking Calculator simplifies the dutching process, allowing punters to back multiple runners in a race by either setting their spend or profit

Like more than one runner in a race? Select the runners & tap 'Calculate' and you are ready to bet on them

Dutch Betting - learn more

29/07/21 Dutch betting clinic at Caulfield from Mark Hunter

Popular Melbourne form expert Mark Hunter filled the wallets of all his followers on Saturday.

Hunter executed the Dutch betting strategy to perfection to drive a 24% Profit on Turnover (POT) on the day.

He bagged 3 winners on the card, at a fat average price of $5.80.

But more importantly, all t...READ MORE

20/07/21 Brad Davidson tips & Dutch betting strategy

Gun NSW form analyst Brad Davidson is one of the best exponents of Dutch betting in the racing media.

The SKY Racing analyst dished up another prime example of Dut...READ MORE

16/07/21 Harness Pro Tipster showing value of Dutch Betting

Pro punter and's harness expert Michael Johnson is one of the best judges of trots racing in the country.

Don't take our word for hit. Check out the ha...READ MORE

Dutching Calculator - optimise your betting

Optimal Profit: Use the Dutching Calculator to choose your overall outlay for a race and then see how much you should stake on each horse in order to optimise profit.

Optimal Staking: Use the Dutching Calculator to select your desired profit in a race and the tool will work out how much you need to stake on each horse to achieve that figure.

Optimal Punting: Integrate the Dutching Calculator with your bookie account for a seamless wagering experience.