Betting with Bookmakers Money

There is perhaps no better sensation for a racing punter than that that is derived from betting with the bookmakers� money.

Successfully picking a winner or a place getter, especially if either of those were paying high odds, means that the punter can now place wagers free from any concern over the outcome. The psychological benefit of being in this position is not completely understood, but it is without dispute that a clarity of thought is present when you are playing from out in front.

An easy way for any punter to experience this sensation is to utilise the free bets that online bookmakers supply as an incentive to attract new customers and as a way to maintain high interest levels of existing customers in order to encourage punting.

Racing, with its three codes and the most events by far of any sport, offers many opportunities to take advantage of free racing bets. Even for a punter who was interested only in thoroughbred racing, there is something going on every day of the year except Christmas. A typical Saturday during the Spring and Fall Racing Carnivals will provide more than 60 opportunities to use bookmaker free bets to wager risk free, with the opportunity to win actual cash, additional bonus bets, or some combination of the two. This number of opportunities only encompasses the major metro tracks, so it is really just the tip of the iceberg.

New racing punters will find it easy to locate high percentage races upon which to use free bookmaker bets. There are innumerable experts who focus solely on identifying better than average odds that combine with other factors to favour a runner. It is something of a point of honour for these experts to provide good information that turns into dividends for anyone who follows their advice. Those who have impressive records will actually sell the information for a nominal fee. Punters who experience good results from following an expert provide excellent referral ratings so that the expert can gain more followers. It is a great way to place knowledgeable wagers for someone who does not have the time or the inclination to expend the amount of time and attention that is required to be a highly proficient racing punter. As a method for evaluating the quality of the information offered, statistics are provided based on actual previous results.

It is important to realise, however, that no person, no matter how expert and experienced is going to be correct in their predictions all the time. Beware of claims that indicate that this is the case and never follow or pay for advice that does not have reliable evidence from a trustworthy source to back it up. There is and always will be an element of luck involved with racing punting, along with numerous opportunities for unforeseen circumstances that can ruin an otherwise perfect prediction.

At any rate, just as it is necessary to accept the unpredictable and the potential streak of bad luck that is a part of punting, it is also possible to experience the opposite and in the case of a racing punter who does find Fortune smiling, free bets as the result of joining a bookmaker or earned as the result of a promotion of some type might well find you in the enviable position of betting with a free hand and a mind unencumbered by the consequences of being wrong.

It is necessary to have a strategy ready to deploy in order to take best advantage of this turn of events.

From an overall perspective, you want to do everything in your power to prolong the time you spend in the free bet-no worry zone. If you should find yourself doing well in the initial races of a meeting, do yourself a huge favour and take some of your winnings out of play for the rest of the meeting. This also contributes to that sensation of being able to plan confidently for the rest of the meeting. If you have qualified for a bonus bet and there are no conditions attached that force you to put up the entire bonus on your next wager, set some of that aside as well. Free online bookmaker bets often do have some rules that affect the way you use them, so do not spend an inordinate amount of time on this aspect, but remember that you have something of value to be used that you otherwise would not have had.

Following this strategy is a good way to find yourself with the freedom to go for a big win at the end of the day, maybe even put together an opportunity to cash in on an exotic, or otherwise make a wager where it is not necessary to be as conservative as might otherwise be indicated.

This is just one extremely simple approach. There are many others and free bookmaker bets are a good way to find a method that best suits your temperament. Some of the things that you might discover are that you do better at certain tracks or that a certain level or racing is easier for you to handicap. Logic will only take you so far and all the great punters large and small throughout the history of wagering have had occasion to say that a wager that did not necessarily look good �just felt right.�

Free bonus bets represent an ideal occasion to follow your hunches and test your intuition when it will be at its strongest. Do not squander them on a day where it seems as though you can do nothing right and not even backing every favourite on the card is working out for you.

Even professionals, who eat, breathe, sleep and in all other ways live racing will have off days. Maintain a long term perspective in that one of your key objectives should be to stay in the game, learn what your winning strike rate will be over a long term, and accept that rough patches happen to everyone, but only the wise are able to survive until those rough patches are over.

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