How To Get Good Free Horse Racing Tips In Australia

Want to gain some good free Australian horse racing tips online. Well you can, its not hard at all, once you know exactly where to look. Below are two of the methods which I regularly use to try and gain myself a good winner and they are both methods which are almost the closest you can get, other than straight from the horse's mouth.

The Number 1 Location

My favorite place is simply following the really early money on the major tab websites. I simply follow the money flow, the night before or early in the morning just after betting has opened. Its simple human nature that if someone has gotten a tip in a race, that they will simply want to make sure that they get there money-on and most people will do this at the two previously mentioned times. I have on numerous occasions found myself a nice winner by using this very simple strategy. This can also be good method for trying to find that sometimes elusive last leg of the quaddie or treble and you are just unsure of which horse to pick or if you are looking for that possible big quaddie dividend payout horse. Because at most times the horses that will stand out by using this method can look somewhat moderately to absolutely hopeless on paper and if it wasn't for following the money trail you probably wouldn't have one red cent on any of them. (And that can be a good thing especially in a quaddie, because it almost guarantees that no-one else will have there money on any of them either.)

(The major 2 TAB Sites are the best: The NSW Tote & the VIC Tote and do always make certain that there is good money in the pool before you let yourself be drawn into an idea that you have possibly gained yourself one of these early money flow tips. Always try and make sure that there is at least a thousand to a few thousand dollars placed on any one runner. The QLD Tote can also be a good early pointer towards the chances of Brisbane and Toowoomba based runners. I got myself a $5000 quaddie on the Toowoomba races using this method, because the last runner in the quaddie had $2000 placed on it early and was completely left out of all the tipster selections.

My Number 2 Best Location.

The second place that I use, are the websites of professional racehorse trainers. You would be surprised by just how many trainers now use the web as part of there training businesses and most-times they will also have a section on there site devoted to their current and/or upcoming runners. However you will sometimes have to read a little between the lines when using this type of information, but in general I have found this type of info to be a good guide into a horse's possible winning or even better, not-winning-chances.

A Really Quick Final Summary.

The Internet, in an understatement, is a really big place, but you can always find what you need once you just know where to look. I hope that the 2 places I have given, that I also use myself, really help you in finding that winner. They are both really good methods that can provide just that little more information on a horses possible chances in a race. But please do always remember that these methods will not always give you a winner. There are only 2 things in life that are always certain, as I am sure you all know and they are death and tax's. It would be nice if racehorses were also one of them, but unfortunately they are not. So Happy and Sensible Punting Always!

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